Not sure if a sunset family photoshoot is right for you? No worries! Check out what I've got to offer. Take a peek at my favourite galleries, read stories from happy clients who've had awesome maternity &  family sunset photoshoots , and dive into my latest blog posts to get a real feel for what I can bring to the table. I can;'t wait to make memories together!

ready to Capture the joys of FamilY life in `hampshire with a Sunset family photoshoots?




Am I the family photographer for you? 

Choosing the right family photographer is all about finding someone that gets you and your family, who will go out of their way to make the whole experience unforgettable- but for all the right reasons.
I’m sure past clients would agree I'm no shrinking violet – I will go all out to capture the perfect shot. Maybe I’m a little crazy but I am just a big kid at heart. 

But I get it; with 3 children myself I understand all too well that family photoshoots can be nerve-wracking. I know you want those epic all-worthy images, but I also understand that some of the magic lies in capturing those little moments in between. 

Right from the start I'll be dedicated to making your entire experience nothing short of epic . Need advice on outfits, the best time of year, or unique locations? I've got you covered. Beyond just photos, I want to give you an adventure of a lifetime and create core memories that'll last a lifetime.


01. Reach out to me through my online booking system ( this is monitored even when I am away).  We'll work together to find a suitable date for your family photoshoot at your prefered location. You can choose from At Home, My Studio, or and Outdoor location across the south coast. We can chat about what works best for you. 


02. Once the date is confirmed, secure your booking with a deposit. You'll then receive a comprehensive preparation guide that includes tips on wardrobe choices, and other helpful information. Additionally we can book a convenient time for a get-to-know-you call to discuss specific details and address any questions or concerns you may have.


03. On the scheduled date, we'll meet at the chosen location for your relaxed photoshoot experience. I'll guide you into the best light, give you light posing ideas, then together we will capture authentic moments that showcase the connection and joy within your family.  It's all about your love as a family and I want you to forget I'm even there. 


04. Within 1 week of the photoshoot, you'll receive a sneak peek or preview of a selection of images to give you a glimpse of the captured moments. The full gallery of images will be delivered to you within four weeks. After reviewing your images, you have the option to upgrade and enhance your package to include additional prints or digital images.

How It Works


Because, is there anything better than the pictures you get in the great outdoors?

With the beauty we have on our doorstep in and around Hampshire and Dorset, I can create some truly magical family memories set against the enchanting backdrop of nature, plus you don't need to tidy up! 

"Capture the joys of family life in nature's embrace"

A sunset family photoshoot isn't just about capturing beautiful images; it's a journey of creating cherished memories together. As the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow, we embark on a shared experience that goes beyond the lens. The laughter, the playful moments, and the genuine connections we forge during the session become an integral part of the story. It's about seizing the fleeting beauty of the golden hour while weaving a tapestry of memories that your family will carry for a lifetime. In those moments, the magic of the sunset becomes the backdrop to the enduring joy we've captured together.

SUNSET PHOTOSHOOT for more than photos?

where can we create memories at sunset near hampshire?

 Together you and your family could journey through any of Hampshire and Dorsets wildflower meadows, the laughter of your little ones drifting over the rustling of grasses. Or perhaps venturing into the heart of the beautiful New Forest where the ancient woodland and their vibrant autumn colours or the beauty of the deep hues of purple heathers would be a perfect backdrop to your family photoshoot..

You also have the option of a sunset beach shoot, and these never fail to produce the most stunning family memories. Little bare feet running over sand as the sun starts to set, the time of the evening that everyone, children included seem to become entranced with the beauty of it all. Splashes, giggles, sandy toes, snuggling together to listen to the ocean, this is all the stuff of magic.

Golden hour is magical. Sunset photoshoots  are the most popular session I offer. in and around Hampshire and Dorsets stunning locations. It's more than just photos, this about making memories.

"I want to give you memories your Family didn’t even know you need"

IS a sunset FamilY photoshoot the best antidote to a busy life?

I truly believe that a sunset family photoshoot is the best antidote to busy family life – an evening in the sun with me! Let your children show you how to relax and revel in their excitement as they skip bedtime. You’ll give them the greatest gift of all – beautiful childhood memories that will be cherished for decades to come. You’ll love the warm sun rays washing over you and how the golden sunlight makes your skin glow. Stare forever at the brilliant sun flares that I’m known for.

The eyes of everyone who sees them will be captivated. The sunbeams draw them in, leading their gaze to where you play games, snuggle together, and laugh as the sun goes down.

Memories that last a  lifetime - at Your hampshire SUNSET FAMILY Photoshoot

I like to think of this as me giving you time to “breathe them in” to feel their scent, how they feel when they lean against you, when you struggle to tell where you end and they start. To me, it’s so important to be able to capture that and give you these all-important memories. As you look back through these photos, you should be able to relive that moment over and over again.

"One day they will have out grown our laps, but we know they won’t our grow our hearts"

We have been meaning to get in touch – OMG wow, we love the photos!! You’ve done some magic there! You were right, the light was fantastic! THANK YOU so much we couldn't love them more. 

Newman Family

"Seriously the best decision I have ever made. Just do it."

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adam & jenn


"OMG so in love with my forever photos. Can't thank you enough."

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WHY FAMILY PHotos are more than just photos

I’m a big advocate for investing in family photography and I do it every year with my own family too. Besides giving you all the permission you need to stop, enjoy, and indulge in each other, it gives you a lasting memory. It’s something you can hang in your home to provoke conversation, inspire little minds, and to leave a legacy for your kids. There’s nothing I love more than providing your family with images that not only look great, but take you back in time to a moment and a memory.

Did you know that family photos on the walls can improve your child’s mental health? It’s true! Each day, seeing a family photo where your kids are surrounded by the people they love most, their parents, grandparents, and siblings. It’s a reminder of belonging and a feeling of being safe. That, in turn, strengthens their self-esteem and confidence.

" Your story is a unique and beautiful one, forever hold on to a part of it"



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Are you ready to embark on a journey to cherished memories with my family sunset photoshoots? My pricing and packages are designed to capture the essence of your growing family, preserving those special moments in time. Whether its on the beach, in the forest or through the wild grasses I have something to suit everyone. I have spent the last 6 years dedicated to creating timeless images that tell your unique story. Let's craft beautiful memories that you'll treasure for a lifetime together. 




  • A style and preparation guide to help you look and feel great.

  • A questionnaire for me to get to know you.

  • An optional call prior to session to get to know each other better.

  • A relaxed 2-hour in-home session.

  • An online gallery to view your whole fully hand edited session.

  • 5 full resolution digital photographs to download and keep, 

  • Optional Upgrades available before and after your photoshoot.


WHAt's included?

Travel fees may apply to some out of area locations. There is £500 Minimum spend for sessions over 40 miles each way.

Photo shoots are for up to 6 immediate family members. Each additional family member is £25. This allows for the additional coordination & editing.

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"The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do"