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family laying in the daisies laughing as the sunsets



Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Where is all about taking family photography to the next level with my outdoors sunset shoots. Are you ready to capture some unforgettable moments with your loved ones? Maybe it’s something that you need to mark the arrival of a new member to your family , or maybe it’s that you are in desperate need of some new family photos because the last few years have been crazy busy and you haven’t found the time.

But you don’t just want any type of family photographs? You need ones that will sit proudly on the walls of your home for everyone to see. A real conversation starter?. Well, look no further, because you’ve come to the right place! As Hampshire’s leading family photographer, I’m excited to offer you the very best professional family photographs during sunset that you could ever imagine. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because it’s long overdue, I’m here to help you create the most unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Experience the best antidote to busy family life – an evening in the sun with me! Let your children show you how to relax and revel in their excitement as they skip bedtime. You’ll give them the greatest gift of all – beautiful childhood memories that will be cherished for decades to come. You’ll love the warm sun rays washing over you and how the golden sunlight makes your skin glow. Those are the brilliant sun flares that I’m known for? The eyes of everyone who sees them will be captivated. The sunbeams draw them in, leading their gaze to where you play games, snuggle together, and laugh as the sun goes down.

I’m so grateful to work with many families like yours who are truly invested in family photography. So why wait? Let’s capture your family’s memories in the beautiful outdoors with a photo shoot that you’ll never regret. There’s no time like the present!

If you have questions about a family or maternity photography session outdoors, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email via my contact form. Let’s make some magic together!

Picture of a family during a sunset photo shoot playing with an orange blanket whilst the children run underneath in the long summer grass


Are you looking for a Hampshire Photographer who is passionate about capturing your family in the best possible light? You have come to the right place! I’m a self-confessed light junkie, and I believe that nothing is more important than the right light when it comes to taking stunning photos. My goal is to help you capture those special moments with your loved ones, whether you want a fun-filled family photography session or just want to capture your loved ones during special occasions.

As one of the leading Hampshire family photographers, I know the right light can make all the difference. It’s for this reason that I only shoot as the sunsets – the warm, golden light creates a beautiful glow on your skin, a feeling of joy and something a little bit different to your average family photographer. I will capture every moment, whether you’re playing games with your kids, laughing together, or simply snuggled up enjoying each other’s company.

So if you’re looking for a Hampshire family photographer who understands the importance of light and knows how to use it to create stunning images, get in touch today. You’ll want to keep those precious memories forever, and I can help you do it.



mother and son snuggling as the sun sets behind them


Family is our anchor, the main drive, and reason we work so hard. But we’re often so busy rushing around we don’t take the time to appreciate the little things. It’s easy to get caught up in doing everything you need to do for your family but never take time to soak them all in.  In the early days when things are tough, we can sometimes lose sight of our why. Having these family photographers helps keep you grounded, remind you of your why and lift your spirits on the days where everything feels a little bit too hard. As a mother of 3 who regularly invests in my own family photographs I know all too well how important these moments, caught on camera, are to me. They remind me of the good in the darkest of moments.

I’ve spent years watching, waiting, and perfecting. I know the photos that you don’t even know you need. My goal is to create a time capsule, to stir up nostalgia, to leave you with a legacy. These images are for you to enjoy now, to walk past them in your house and smile.  There’s so much more to it than that.  The pictures you take today will be something your chidlren will cherish years from now. I don’t create family art to be stuck on a USB at the back of your drawer. I want to provide you with more worthy stunning family portraits you’ll want to display on every wall in your home and I feel my whole business, not all around, ensuring that I make this as easy as possible for you. 

I want to give you memories you didn’t even know you need or wanted.

Family walking hand-in-hand along the beach at sunset


Why I think you need to have your family photos taken at sunset…

What makes me so passionate about photographing families? Everyone needs to indulge in the people they love. There’s nothing selfish about wanting to pause the moment and keep these memories.  With a photography session, you’ll not only get all the photos you’ve always wanted. It will force you to stop the hamster wheel of life and enjoy each other’s company.  

See it like a little short holiday, one you come back from more in love your family , your metaphorical cups full to the brim with each other.  

I’m a big advocate for investing in family photography and I do it every year too. Besides giving you all the permission you need to stop, enjoy, and indulge in each other, it gives you a lasting memory. It’s something you can hang in your home to provoke conversation, inspire little minds, and to leave a legacy for your kids. There’s nothing I love more than providing your family with images that not only look great, but take you back in time to a moment and a memory.

Did you know that family photos on the walls can improve your child’s mental health? It’s true! Each day, seeing a family photo where your kids are surrounded by the people they love most, their parents, grandparents, and siblings. It’s a reminder of belonging and a feeling of being safe. That, in turn, strengthens their self-esteem and confidence. 

FAMILY photographer hampshire

So what is it really like having your family photos taken outdoors? 

As with my in-home sessions, my outdoor sessions are run in a very similar way. I understand the importance of gaining your children’s trust, making sure I build a relationship with them however that looks as each child is so individual and that’s where my questionnaire comes into play. I will find out as much as I can beforehand soI  don’t go into your session blind.. I do this to help produce the images you see in my portfolio. If your children can’t be themselves then we will not be able to capture you authentically. To do this your kids need to be on my side. We’re going to play games, we’re going to laugh, we’re going to say silly words and stay up late. At the end of it what’s likely to happen is they will tell you that they don’t want to leave to go home.  They are having too much fun! It’s so critical to me to get them on board from the start. 

My aim is to catch you in the most natural and authentic way possible. It may seem counterproductive but in order to do this I need to direct you to enable me to capture these “moments in time”. It’s all about movement so I will give you direction and let you “run” with that to create your families moments.

 As much as it is capturing the big smiles and belly laughter, my family photography is also about making sure that it’s real emotion. I on the look out for that all the time. It could be the way you brush your child’s hair or the way they grab your finger as they toddle.. It might be how they embrace you or how your hands embrace theirs, or the deep belly laughs they struggle to come up for air with. All of that is what I want to see and. together, we’ll capture your memories.

I like to think of this as me giving you time to “breathe them in” to remember their scent, how they feel when they lean against you, when you struggle to tell where you end and they start. To me, it’s so important to be able to capture that and give you these all-important memories. As you look back through these photos, you should be able to relive that moment over and over again.

My photo may seem candid, but don’t be fooled. I’m not expecting you to know how to pose. It’s impossible for you to know how to pose, so I’ll be there to give you some direction based on the best light we’re on. It’s going to be loosely directed, I’ll help you get into flattering angles, and then I’ll help you relax into each other. That’s when the magic happens.

They’ll outgrow our laps one day, but they won’t outgrow our hearts.

outdoor family photos new forest

What can you expect when we book an outdoor sunset family photography session ?

You don’t just get a family photographer when you hire me. You’ll get a “stylist” to take care of all those wardrobe worries, a therpaist to talk through the trials and tribulations of parenthood, a kids’ entertainer, a light magician, and last but not least, a wonderful happy photographer and expert photo editor.

As most of my clients book me months in advance, my calendar is often full. Planning ahead is a good idea.  It’s even more important that we get some dates in the diary months in advance if you have a specific date in mind.

“Her ability to put your entire family at ease and talk motherhood with me like I’d known her a lifetime was invaluable” Amy, Portsmouth, Hampshire  

What happens before our Sunset Family Photography Shoot?

 All my relaxed outdoor sunset family photography sessions come with a tailored pre-session questionnaire so I can get to know you before we meet. You can also schedule a FaceTime/ Zoom or quick telephone call if that works for you. I’ll send you my curated style guides and links to my ‘shop my style’ Pinterest boards. Getting ready for your family photography session has never been easier.

The most important thing is to understand we’ll be working together throughout the whole process. My job is to make sure you’re all prepared, looking good, and most importantly relaxed so that we can tell your story the way you want it..


How do we choose the perfect location  ?


It’s simple, I do it for you. Taking sunset family photos is my job, I’ve spent hours searching for the best spots. Investing in a photographer means more than just having someone press the button. There’s so much that goes into making these sunset family photos so beautiful. Finding the perfect sunset location is an important step that many people overlook.  In the midst of worrying about our hair and how to keep the kids in line, we don’t think about where we want to set the scene.

My family photography sessions are planned based on travel time, ease of access, direction of sunlight, and environmental factors. I do this to create the perfect back-drop… but also to relieve some pre-shoot stress for you, so you can concentrate on having fun. 

We have been meaning to get in touch – OMG wow, we love the photos!! You’ve done some magic there! You were right, the light was fantastic! THANK YOU !!  – Newman Family, New Forest, Hampshire Dec 2020

family photo shoot
FAMILY photographer hampshire
FAMILY photographer hampshire


real life family films


Sunset outdoor photoshoots are suitable for, Maternity and Family Sessions.

What’s included:

– a style and preparation guide to help you look and feel great

a questionnaire for me to get to know you (optional FaceTime call prior to session )

– a relaxed 1.5 hour outdoor sunset family photo session 

– a online gallery to view your whole HAND edited session

– 5 full resolution digital photographs to download, hand edited with full print release

* Family photoshoots can be reserved with a £100 booking fee with the remaining £250 due one week before your session.  

* Photo shoots are for up to 6 immediate family members. Each additional family member is £25. This allows for the additional co-ordination & editing.

*Locations 40 miles of so18 are charged at 50p mile over the 40 miles each way

*A choice of flexible payment options are availble to select during booking. Bespoke options are also available on request.


FAMILY photographer hampshire


Sunset family videography is suitable for Maternity and Whole Family Sessions.

What’s included:

– a style and preparation guide to help you look and feel great for your family film

a questionnaire for me to get to know you and plan your family film  (optional FaceTime call prior to session )

-2-3 hour relaxed filming session. 

-3-4 min short family film set to royalty free music. 

– 5 full resolution digital photographs to download, hand edited with full print release.

Family Films can be reserved with a £100 booking fee with the remaining £650 due the week before your session.

* Travel fees may apply to some out of area locations.There is a £80 fixed travel fee for Greater London   

*Locations 40 miles of so18 are charged at 50p mile over the 40 miles each way

*A choice of flexible payment options are availble to select during booking. Bespoke options are also available on request.

Family Sunset Photography Upgrades & Packages

Once your images have been fully edited, you'll be sent a link to your private gallery from which you can choose your upgrade. I offer family photography upgrade packages starting at £175. For more information on upgrades please use the contact form to fill out an enquiry and receive a pricing guide. ​

Photographs fill us with so many happy memories, but we rarely print them. It's easy to take tons of photos and leave them on a USB stick in the back of your drawer, or long forgotten on your phone, or worst of all, lost forever on a crashed hard drive? Don't worry, I've got you covered. My online store links to your gallery so you can pick prints from your session.

We offer fully flexible upgrades and 3 month payment plans if you spend over £300. Please get in touch for more information.