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Family Photography Education

Shoot Smarter

Tricky light, crazy kids, shy parents. Find a shoot solution for every situation and learn how to create variation.

Run A Sucessful Business

Believe in what you do, charge a healthy rate, provide immense value to your clients and support your family.

Supercharge Yourself

Lets burn a voice inside your head that tells you “You’re not good or experienced enough yet”



If you’re looking for family photography education with candid and constructive feedback, this is the place to be.  I’ll  help you to put it into practice with a clear plan of action you can implement going forwards.  We’ll dive deep into the nuts and bolts of running a thrilling, profitable family photography business that you can be proud of.


family photography educators Lisa Rogers and Carley Aplin


Together with Lisa Rogers of @andthensheclicked, we’re teamed up as two leading lifestyle family photographers who are fearlessly focused on giving you and your business all the fire and fuel it needs to succeed as a UK family photographer. We’re all about fusing the art with the graft and giving close up joy filled connections, to everyone we serve.


Are you seeking to breathe new life into your photos? Do you capture fantastic shots but struggle to find the perfect settings to elevate your photography to the next level? Look no further; the CA_Presets are expertly crafted to infuse your photography with the vitality it’s been yearning for.


Carley Aplin family photography presets


“Truly inspirational, I received so much hands on experience with continued guidance and support throughout and following the workshop. I can’t thank them enough” 

Charlie – Wonderful Things Photography

family photography education and mentoring on a beach with photographers
family photography education and mentoring on a beach with photographers



Hello, we’re Lisa and Carley, and we’re two passionate family lifestyle photographers based in the UK. Our incredible journey began when we crossed paths online, united by our shared love for capturing the essence of family moments through the lens of a camera. As fate would have it, our shared passion blossomed into an unbreakable friendship. We notice a distinct gap in the family photography market. It was this realisation that drove us to unite our talents and create a business that would not only elevate the family photography industry in the UK but also serve as a beacon of knowledge and support for aspiring photographers. With a combined 16 years of experience, we’ve embarked on a mission to share everything we’ve learned throughout our journey. We aim to provide a shortcut for others, helping them leap over the hurdles and obstacles commonly faced by photographers. Through our deep insights into the industry, we are committed to showing new students how to run a profitable and sustainable business while doing what they love. 


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