10 Reasons to attend my Beginner Photography Workshops

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Here are 10 reason you should book onto my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops.

If you’re thinking of coming along to one of my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops.but not sure it’s right for you, here are 10 Photography Tips For Beginners and how my Parents Photography Workshops will help you on the road to better photography in manual.

A black-and-white image of a group of women beginning photographers at a parents photography workshop

1. Parents Beginner Photography Workshops = real blurred background or “bokeh”

With the invention of portrait mode Apple has given the majority of the population the ability to create bokeh at the touch of a button. These blurry backgrounds were OMG sort after and for many years were only available for people who knew how to take a photo in manual.

Now, don’t get me wrong I know it’s not a popular opinion. But what most beginner photographers don’t realise is portrait mode is not creating real depth of field or bokeh. It’s something that the phone manufacturers are “painting” into the photo as part of the post-processing. I could go on and on about why I don’t particularly like portrait mode but i won’t. I’m here to tell you you don’t need it. I will teach you how to create your own depth of field to get the elusive and sort after blurred background.

A blurred background is great for reducing distractions and keeping the focus on your children- but let’s be honest we all just love how it looks don’t we? I guarantee that after my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops you know how to achieve this look with your DSLR.

close up image of baby's feet laying on the yellow blanket

2. NOT AGAIN!! What is it all Blurry!!!

Ever taken a photo of your children or pets and wondered why on earth you can only see a streak of colour across your photo? Do you wish that you could those take a pin shop images that you see online? As a beginner photographer do you feel that complete frustration when everything else in the photo is perfect? Your children are looking, they’re smiling, they look nice but you can’t see any of that because your camera hasn’t taken a sharp image? Again I promise that after this Parents Beginner Photography Workshops. you will understand why that happens and how to prevent it every time you want to take a photo.

b&w photo of a boy peering through play equipment with hat and cheeky smile

3.Let me guess… your kids hate having their photo taken especially in the sunshine?

Most people have a common misconception with beginner photographers that would should like to photograph on sunny days. I can assure you my favourite time to photograph people is on an overcast day especially if we’re outside. Don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place for sunshine in photos and it’s normally during golden hour. Now many of you will have tried to take a photo of your children in bright sunshine and all you achieve is capturing a lot of squinty faces. Chances are those sunny photos have been ruined by dark shadows, bright highlights and squinting faces. I’ll show you on my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops one very simple trick to ensure that you do not end up with these photos ever again.

happy boy on the swing in the low sunlight at the beach

4.Your images lack that something special?

There is a reason that you’re drawn to an image. There is a reason that some photos look better than others. Nine times out of ten that reason is composition. On my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops I’ll show you some simple ways to make small changes which will impact the way your images feel and look to the eye. Beginner photographers soon realise the some small changes that have the greatest impact.

a b&w image of a boy with his dad as part of my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops

5. You wish your children would just let you take a photo?

Contrary to belief my children are some of the hardest to photograph. Don’t get me wrong when they’re on my side I can produce the most beautiful images. But and it’s a big but, they are just the same, if not worse than everyone else’s children. There are certain things which I can do to make the process a lot easier for my kids and I’ll you beginner photographers some of my tricks on my Parents Beginner Photography Workshops to make taking photos a lot less stressful!

Parents Beginner Photography Workshops photos of my children at the beach.

6.. No more gummy false or cheesy smiles.

Following on from tip five, I will teach you the best ways to get natural reactions. And even tell you a few trade secrets for capturing emotion, because lets face it that’s really why we take photos, to remember a time, place or feeling. My Parents Beginner Photography Workshop are all about giving you valuable tools to create meaningful memories.

boys in a wheelbarrow at pumpkin farm wearing orange hats

7. Gain a new skill and much more confidence

Hands up how many of you own a DSLR? Let me guess, you bought it took out the box took a few photos they didn’t end up quite how you imagined? You realised it was much easier to take photos on your phone? There is no guesswork with that was there? So you then put it your camera back in the box, closed the lid, then popped it on a shelf in the cupboard and have forgotten about it ever since.

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone, there are so many people who are all in the same boat. Crikey, even I was there once upon a time. I understand how difficult it is to get your head around the jargon that comes with learning how to take a photo. With my Parents Beginner Photography Workshop I can turn some of the jargon on it’s head and give you some basic skills to build upon. I promise to make this jargon free, easy to understand, and I want to ignite a passion in you. There is nothing I love more than giving beginner photographers the skills and confidence to tackle using their DSLR.

Parents Beginner Photography Workshops tips on how to take these photos of your children jumping on the bed

8.Wall worthy, timeless portraits?

Tell me how many images of your children do you have on your phone? Now out of those tens of thousands of images how many of them have you printed? Now out of those ones you’ve printed how many of them did you take on your DSLR?

Im the first to admit here is a time and a place for using your phone. I love the saying that the best camera that you will ever own is the one you have in your pocket. And that is so true. What I will help you with is how to imorove all aspects of photo take . Even if it’s when you’re using your phone! i will show you how to ensure that those photos are “wall worthy”

Not only that but I want to get you in the habit of getting your DSLR out and using it to take those all important portraits of your children.

Learning how to use your camera in manual will be the biggest gift you give yourself and your children.

9. Polishing and honing your editing skills

I will show you the apps you can use when using your phone and camera to take photos. I’ll show you how I edit my photos that I take on both my camera and even iPhone. The small tweaks really do make all the difference. A quick 30 second edit can take a photo from drab to fab.

10. Practice makes perfect

Beginner photographers listen up! I don’t know about you but for me I was find learning is something is much easier when it’s done in a hands-on way. I’ve always found that I’ll pick things up much quicker if I actually do them. Not only does it help me get my head around things much quicker, but knowing that I have somebody there ready for me to ask for help is without doubt the best thing for me about learning face-to-face with someone.

Throughout the workshop will you have the opportunity to use your camera with me on two separate occasions. During one of these times we will also have some live child models for us to use to practice our new skills.

First of all you will watch how I direct the shoot , I’ll talk you through the settings I’m using, then I’ll let you loose on our models to try for yourselves.

With me on hand to help whether that’s to direct the shoot ( one less thing to worry about) or just have me there to manage your questions as they happen .

I’ve no doubt that you will learn more from that one hour shoot then you will at any other time.

After my Parents Beginner Photography Workshop you will have access to a Facebook group where I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

If you’d like to find out more about the upcoming Parents Beginner Photography Workshops please do drop me an email at hello@carleyaplin.com

Don’t forget you can also follow me on Instagram here.


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