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The moment you welcome a new baby into your family is one of the most exciting moments of your life. As a parent, you want to capture every single moment and memory with your little one, including those first precious moments after they are born. One of the best ways to do this is by having newborn photos taken. As you think about where to take these photos, you might be wondering whether to go to a lifestyle studio or take them at home. Here’s why choosing a lifestyle studio for your newborn photos can be a good idea.

Less stress, Less mess

The most common reason you might consider having your newborn photos taken in a Lifestyle Photography studio comes down to your own home. Many people don’t feel their home is photo ready. That can be for so many reasons, including having just moved into your home before the baby arrived and not having time to find your feet. You might be in the middle of renovations and have dust on every surface. Maybe you have toddlers who have taken over every room with toys and the thought of wading through the plastic mountain is too much during pregnancy or in the weeks following birth.

sleeping newborn on mums shoulder in studio in Hampshire

Controlled environment In A Studio

Lifestyle studios are great for newborn photos because the environment can be controlled. That means no interruptions or distractions during the shoot. Without distractions, we can capture beautiful images of your little one without unannounced visitors showing up for a cuddle, or next door drilling into the walls.

Your Comfort and safety

As a fully insured lifestyle photographer, my studio was designed with your baby’s comfort and safety in mind. I can use heaters to temperature-control the room to keep your baby warm and cozy (and hopefully super sleepy) during the shoot. Additionally, the studio will be thoroughly cleaned and props washed or sanitised between each shoot. This will ensure that your baby is in a safe and healthy environment.

mum brushing her baby head whilst they are sleeping

Time efficiency

If you go with a lifestyle studio for your newborn photos, everything will be ready to go when you arrive. You’ll save time and stress, especially if you’re a new parent still adjusting to life with a newborn. As this is a space I use regularly, I can work faster than in a home environment. That means you can get back to your busy schedule (or a much needed nap) in no time.

When you choose to come to my in home lifestyle studio for your baby’s newborn photos, you will be sure to receive beautiful, unique, and professional images of your Newborn. Choosing a controlled, comfortable, and safe environment for your baby’s photo shoot, you can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands. If you’re thinking about newborn photos with me, you can get in touch here and find out my availability. 

wrapped up baby sleeping in the lap of mums lap in a studio in Hampshire

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