New Forest Autumn family photoshoot in Hampshire

As a family photographer in Hampshire, one of my favourite things ever is going for an adventure into the woods with a family. Capturing them having fun, being themselves and just spending time reconnecting in the great outdoors is the one of sessions i love the most. If you love being outdoors in in the incredible golden light but aren’t keen on keeping your children up late in the summer you should definitely look at booking a New Forest Autumn family photoshoot with me.

And there’s something truly magical about the New Forest in autumn. Leaves crunching underfoot, the friendly donkeys, ponies and pigs that call the forest home roam wild around you. The hilltop autumnal wonderland  is covered in a carpet of beautifully brown bracken. It’s absolutely one to the best places I’ve ever taken photographs. It truly is the perfect backdrop for a family photoshoot who all families that embrace adventure and who loves the outdoors

Together ,looking and feeling gorgeous ( because I’ll help you out there with full styling help and a selection of stunning dresses for mama). We will create photos of you and your family, surrounded by the crowning jewel in nature’s most beautiful season.

family photoshoot in Hampshire, Carley Aplin

Tempted? I thought so! Let me tell you about my Sunset autumn family photoshoot sessions

I’m a firm believer that you can’t manufacture joy or emotional connection for the sake of a photograph. Because if you and your children aren’t having fun, the photos might look nice. But you won’t love them.

And that’s why all my outdoor family photoshoots are as much about enjoying the experience as they are about capturing your family. We’ll play games, we’ll have fun, and we’ll create memories together you never knew you needed. So that when you look at the photos in years to come, you’ll be transported back to that wonderful adventure you shared together in the New Forest.

family photoshoot in Hampshire, Carley Aplin,

But what if we aren’t like the people in your photos

It’s an easy assumption to make, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. My photography style centres around capturing the essence of your family. The details of your hands clasped around each other, your hair blowing in the wind, a spontaneous embrace. But don’t worry , i Know we all need a little help to relax. Thats why we’ll also work together to create the best version of yourselves . I have some of the best tricks up my sleeve to give you the wall-worthy photographs you see here.  
I always avoid the boring, standard family poses. I’ll make it as easy as possible for you, guiding you through the session to create those all import “candid” moments ( which aren’t as candid as they seem). Those beautiful images that will capture real joy, happiness and love your share for each other. Images you’ll be excited to have printed and framed. You know the ones EVERYONE stops to admire if they come around to your home. 

family photoshoot in Hampshire, Carley Aplin,

But what an earth do we wear?

The colours of an autumn woodland shoot are always so vibrant, and so it’s important to choose the right colour palette for your outfits. Browns, muted reds, dark greens, whites, cream and ambers are usually good choices. Because we want you to stand out from the backdrop , so is where we can get a little adventurous. Every mama should be in a show stopping dress , because you deserve  to feel the way your children see you. 


I also have a “Shop My Style board on Pinterest that I do try to keep up to date with UK based retailers if you fancy treating yourself before the session.  

family photoshoot in Hampshire, Carley aplin

How do you book a family photoshoot in Hampshire with Carley Aplin?

If you haven’t already booked your fun autumn family photo session, get in touch today because you’ll not be disappointed.

family in the golden sun on a hillside in the new forest, family photoshoot in Hampshire, Carley Aplin,

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