Maternity photographs are one of those things that many choose to have and those who don’t regret not having. I’m firmly in the regret camp. I only have a few selfies of me pregnant with all three of my children. It’s almost been enough to convince me to have baby number four… But then I remember sleepless nights and decide that maybe I can live with it for now. But don’t be live me and regret it. This time is so special and deserves to be documented.

I always recommend looking at having your photograph taken between 28 and 34 weeks pregnant. Maternity photographs taken between these dates tend to work better. You’re still able to move and get around / up and down relatively easily and hopefully the delightful pregnancy swelling has not reached its full potential. That being said I have short maternity photographs which have taken place right up until due date. However they’ve always commented that they wish they’d made the decision sooner.

Deciding where to have your maternity photographs taken is one of the hardest decisions you have. Many people choose to have these taken outside at sunset. We have so many beautiful locations near by in Southampton your aren’t short of any choice. By choosing to have your Maternity Photographs taken on location you are taking full advantage of the beautiful evening sun. This incredible evening light on the south coast throws a halo of the most beautiful golden light you’ve ever seen around your baby bump. It’s simply stunning.

However, that being said lots of people choose to have their maternity photographs taken at home. For those people having a record of the home you live done when you were pregnant far outweighs sunset maternity photographs.

There is no right or wrong decision, it’s very personal. It will depend on your favourite things to do. Do you love to be outside, feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin? Or are you much much at home relaxing on the bed, lounging on the sofa, or perhaps the kitchen is the hub of your home?

If you would like a Maternity Photographs taken and you are not sure if which you would prefer check out one of my favourites in home session from recent years.

If you’d like to book a session you can view more infomation here:

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