Close-up photographs of a family where the boy is reaching up to his dad and touching him on the arm during a sunset family photo shoot

There is nothing I love more than capturing a family enjoying themselves ,especially a during on of my favourites types of sessions. A Relaxed Sunset Family Photo shoot. My whole approach to outdoor family photography is to capture joy, emotion, and connection. Without those three fundamental aspects a photograph has no life. There is nothing I love more than capturing a family enjoying themselves and feeling relaxed. I know how daunting it can feel when you book in for you photoshoot, but rest assured I will help you to forget I am even there.

The right location…

In order to to provide you with the best sunset family photographs I do my research. I make sure I spend time and look high and low to find the most amazing locations. It’s especially important to do this for my for my relaxed Sunset Family Photo shoots. Without scouting out locations to ensure the sun, trees and other environmental aspects are in the right place . I can sometimes I can spend up to 6 hours walking around Hampshire trying to find the best places to take my families.

Last year, I stumbled upon a beautiful long grass whilst looking for places to walk during lockdown. I knew instantly that this would be the location of my first summer Sunset Family Photo shoot. The light was absolutely perfect at sunset. It had easy access and endless possibilities for creating the most stunning images during the session.

A family of four walking away from the camera in a field of long grass during a sunset photo shoot

The perfect sunset family photo shoot doesn’t always need sun… really!

One of the first families I was able to photograph last summer in this beautiful long grass were the Thomas’.

I think you’ll all agree from looking at the images they were the most beautiful family. Victoria booked this family photo shoot because she knew she needed to be present in more family photos. Her son had commented that he loved some of the images of them at on the walls home and wanted to see more as It made him smile ( I know! Love him)

As with lots of my clients, we spoke at length on the phone before the family photo shoot. She had a good idea of the type of images she wanted to create during her sunset photoshoot. She had planned to hang as a gallery of the images in their home. Our 30-minute conversation was able to put her mind at rest. I wanted to ensure we had the best plan in place to capture these all-important photos. After all I understand this is an investment. We shared some Pinterest boards to ensure we were on the right aesthetic. This helped us both be sure we understood each other.

What about the shoot?

On the evening, dragging her reluctant husband along promising him it wouldn’t be as bad as he thought they arrived at the location in Southampton, Hampshire. Unfortunately, as with the usual British weather we didn’t have the best luck as the clouds descended on the summer grass field. We might not have been blessed with the beautiful golden sun that we all love. However, this did not stop us creating those all-important wall worthy images. When you have a beautiful family, who are dressed perfectly, and skilled enough to be able to direct them then you will always achieve stunning family photos.

I couldn’t pick a few so you can see the whole gallery of stunning photos here:

[the_grid name=”Summer Grasses Photoshoot -Thomas “]

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