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So you want a fun sunset beach family photoshoot in Hampshire?

Of all the outdoor photoshoots I do as a family photographer in Hampshire, Sunset beach family photoshoots have to be the most fun (and usually the warmest!)! If you’re looking for a fun family photoshoot, I really can’t recommend enough a sunset beach session. All of the families who come to the beach can’t get enough. Whether you are seasoned locals, or day trippers it’s impossible to not fall in love with the location.

Sunset beach family photoshoot

Because who doesn’t love a family trip to the beach?! Not only can they get sandy, run along beach, roll down the dunes, or jump the waves. There will also get to play so many games together with you during your family photoshoot they won’t want to leave. As a result of the endless fun the laughter is one of the sure-fire ways to get smiles from everyone. That includes even the most camera shy of children ( and even the Dads too)!

family at sunset on the beach in dorset

Why does the a sunset at the beach work so well for a family photoshoot?

Perhaps you have been stopped in your tracks by the incredible sunlight captured during sunset. Mother nature is truly wonderful, and the colour of the sun during the all-important “golden hour” cannot be duplicatedanywhere else.

Imagine, the taste of salt to your lips and the wind in your hair, there is something magical about the way a beach can make you feel. There’s a reason the beach holds such a special place in all of our hearts. And if this is your favourite place on earth like it is for so many families, why wouldn’t you want to capture your family photographs there at sunset? Name me a better you’d rather be in summer.

Nestled in the dunes, we’ll create memories that will last a lifetime. Hear the sea breeze blowing through the grasses. Listen to your children giggling as they run up and down the dunes. And if you’re one of my adventurous families, why not finish your session with a dip in the sea?! Yes I promise it really happens. If you live further afield, you can even turn the trip into a little trip. Or go the whole hog, why not over night stay, or maybe plan a weekend away at the beach with your family. 

When it comes to sunset beach sessions there’s no limit to the amount of fun that you can have. 

fun, relaxed family nestled in the dunes on the beach in dorset

Creating images you’ll be excited to have framed

You can choose from 2 stunning beach locations across the South Coast for your sunset family photoshoot. It’s the epitome of summer. Don’t think that this is a regular photography experience,  I flip your standard family photoshoot on its head, creating moments you‘ll never forget.

 The wide open beach makes for stunning wide-shots, with your children laughing and splashing in the waves. And the secluded and cozy dunes are the perfect place for a beautifully intimate family cuddle. The possibilities for ‘let’s get that one framed’ shots are limitless! 



Similarly to all my outdoor sessions, they are thoroughly planned out, and designed to create images that capture the essence of your family. I truly believe that in order to capture images you love, we can’t just ‘create’ emotions for the sake of the photograph. That’s why my sessions focus around creating real moments of connection between you as a family, moments that capture who you are, and how you feel towards each other. We’ll relax, we’ll play games, we’ll laugh, we’ll stay up late past their bedtime. And we’ll create joy-filled images that capture your children as you know them in this precious, fleeting time in their lives. A photo session that’s an experience in itself. One you’ll remember forever.

Want to join me for an unforgettable family photoshoot at the beach? I’d love to hear from you.


mama and son on the beach

What should we wear for our sunset beach family photoshoot

Beach shoots lend themselves to some of ten look better with a lighter palette. I would suggest, creams, beiges, rusts, muted greens or maybe even a subtle pop off colour. Have a look at some of images you see here and you’ll get a good idea of what works well with my editing. 

As with all of my sessions you’ll get a link straight to my Pinterest board which shows some upto date  “shop my style” links

Pro tip: bring spare clothes, swimmers and towels in the car! Baby powder is also a winner for wet sandy feet, we all know that sand, water and cars are not a good combination. Neither are tired, wet children and long journeys home!


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