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Sunsets, Beaches, Beautiful Families and the most epic session on Eype Beach, Dorset.


Family on Eype beach at sunset running towards the sea

When I agreed to take these family pictures, I knew that it would be one of the most incredible sessions I’ve ever photographed. Sunset on the beach, beautiful family, looking incredible, all relaxing and enjoying one another. And let’s not forget lots of laughter.

Oh, and did I mention I was photographing one of my favourite family photographers Lisa from “and then she clicked“! If that’s not the biggest compliment for me I don’t know what is?! So, pushed to my limits and WAY out of my comfort zone but you don’t learn when you play safe all the time.

How did I end up photographing one of my favourite photographers?

In short, by chance. A passing comment on one of our ever-increasing phone calls. Lisa needed a photographer for her upcoming holiday in Dorset. She had this idea of having a family session on one of her favourite beaches along the Jurassic coast- Eype Beach. She didn’t know anyone that way and asked if I did. I didn’t, but i knew the route and i knew i could make there in just over 2 hours. Inside my head I knew this would be an incredible session. Thoughts flew from knowing how light would be incredible, that Lisa and her family would be the best subjects, these opportunities don’t come along often and before I knew it I’d volunteered myself to drive the 2 and half hours to meet them on Eype.

And then came the long drive to Eype

It was a long drive to Lyme Regis, one that gave me enough time to almost talk myself out of the shoot on more than one occasion. Crazy thoughts entered my head, “what if it all went wrong, what if I messed up”? I arrived before the family. Nerves playing their old trick of making me think I needed the loo. I have always been told that’s a good sign. When the nerves stop that’s when you know you’ve lost the spark. That didn’t stop me worrying.

​This relaxed family photo shoot will stay with me for many years. I was not only in the company of one of my all-time favourite family photographers I was actually shooting her family. It was a “pinch me” moment for sure

Capturing cheeky smiles, real emotion and a twinkle in their eyes… that’s pretty much everything I could ever from a session. The weather was perfect, and the golden sky made the 5-hour round trip worth every second!!

Family on Eype beach at sunset running towards the sea


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