So, you’ve decided to take the plunge and book a relaxed family photography session with me. Now you’re trying to decide what type of session that would work for you and your family?  

I know it can feel overwhelming when you look at all the options available to you, but I hope to be able to give you some really helpful insights into the differences in family photography sessions and which one would suit your family.  

So, what kind of people want an indoor session? 

Indoor sessions are my jam, I’ve love them. They are the reason I fell in love with Lifestyle Photography.  These are my favourite type of family photograph to take and to have on my walls at home. There is so much you can do at home that isn’t possible outside… que jumping on Mum and Dad’s bed!!! Your home holds so many personal treasures which mean the world to your family, pictures lovingly hung on walls or small trinkets adorning bookshelves. Blankets handmade by yourself friends and family, photos of loved ones who may no longer with us, but are watching over us.  

Chances are you’ve probably spent many years decorating your home to reflect you, your unique style and incredible taste. What better backdrop to celebrate your incredible family than the one you designed?  

One of the best things you get from choosing to capture your family at home is that everyone tends to be more at ease in their own home. This is especially true if you have younger children, or a semi reluctant husband.  When children are surrounded by everything they love, their toys, the…. snack cupboard 😉 

Tell me more about the at home family sessions?

My relaxed in-home family and newborn sessions are fun, they are spontaneous, they will bring joy and laughter and capture it in the most unique way. I spent the entire time “reading the room” moving between poses and always making sure we break when I can tell children (or grown-ups) need five minutes to themselves. These are a much slower paced session than a mini or mid-week mama session. These allow for many more breaks, a quick cup of tea or even an impromptu change of clothes if someone needs one. 

The sessions work really well if you have children who may take time to warm up to strangers. I never jump straight into photographing children who are shy and may need some time to adjust to somebody new. My whole approach is to capture real authentic emotions. That’s almost impossible if your children are feeling anxious, nervous and shy. I have photographed many, many families over the years and I have lots of tricks up my sleeve to get in children on board. However, time is one of those elements you can’t rush if they need it.    

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So, what about a Newborn Session? 

Newborns at home are a must for me. You have so many more options for capturing this incredible stage in your own home. Outside has so many more limitations with variety in your gallery. Being to show your children as they grow the images of themselves in your home surrounded by all of your belongings, there isn’t anything like it.  

I know what you want to capture, maybe even more than you do. I see things differently. Experience as a family and Newborn Photographer who has 3 children of her own means I have probably lived it already. Nothing will faze me; I understand it’s all the real authentic moments you want to remember. They way when the laugh their chin dimples shows, the how their eyes narrow as they look up at you. When your toddler grasps at your finger to steady themselves as they walk. Those are the shots that will pull on your heartstrings when you get your gallery back. The ones you know in many years to come you’ll love more than the more formal family photo. I will be there to capture love, to record the moments of calm, together with the belly laughs as you in play with each other. That’s what I do best.  

What are the benefit of having an at home sessions?

There are many other benefits to having an in-home photography session, they include being a able to have up it photoshoot at any time of day (providing we have daylight) My outdoor session require a much later start time due to the sun. If you feel your children will not be able to stay up past their usual bedtime, then this gives you the option of having a daytime session.  

That being said most children see outdoor session as an adventure. I’m yet to meet a child who can’t cope with the late night as long as the parents plan their day to ensure they are in the best form. But it’s a good idea to decide if you feel your child could cope better at home.  

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Okay so, tell me more outdoor sessions?  

My outdoor family photo sessions are a great way of capturing a growing family. If golden light and sun flares are your thing then this is the relaxed family photo session what you need to pick. This is amazing, especially if you an outdoorsy type of family. Do your children love exploring?  Do they enjoy the fresh air, long walks and the freedom of an open field?  

Would you love to see yourselves surrounded by nature and enjoying the beauty of our wonderful countryside? If you are nodding along then this is the probably the family photo session for you.  

Much like my at home family sessions my standard outdoor sessions give you 2 hours of my time. Plenty of time for you and your family to relax, come out of your shells and start to enjoy the photography session. This is when the magic happens this is when I can create those love filled, honest and fully connected images that really talk to you. That make you stop in your tracks. The ones you see in my portfolio. 

A full session will ensure each of your children get time for individual portraits. We’ll be able to ensure your galley has a much wider variety of shots in comparison to a mini session. It will mean we can play games until the sun goes down, we can chase each other, laugh hard and capture these precious moments in the glow of the golden sun.  

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So, What the difference with a mini session?  

Mini sessions are great. I love offering these seasonal packages. These give families the opportunity to update their photos and perhaps help to dip their toe into the family photography water. Maybe you or your husband are apprehensive? Maybe you are worried your children might not enjoy it? Or maybe even you know that their attention span will be limited due to their age or the personality.  As their parents you know them best. All I can do is be here to guide you on the type of session I can offer and what that would mean to you as a family.  

A mini session is a great way get a wonderful selection of updated family photos which you know you will love to show off at home. It will allow you to see how I work and hopefully allow you to see that updating your family photos isn’t so bad after all. I encourage everyone to try and update their photo once a year, it’s so important that your children see themselves represented within the family home.  

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So which of your photography sessions should I pick? 

I would recommend the Mini sessions to families who feel that children don’t need the time to warm up to the camera- who might be slightly older and more co-operative. If you have children who may be shy at first may find these sessions a little fast paced. Often, we are working against a time limit due to the sun, and due to the fact, I book multiple sessions back to back on mini session days. If you feel that your children will need 15 minutes or more to warm up, then I would suggest looking at booking a full family photography session.  

Whatever session you chose, just know I will work my hardest to create magical memories you will treasure for years to come. 

Carley x 

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