The true value of family photography

The phrase “we live in a digital age” gets bandied around a lot, doesn’t it? But it’s never been as true as it is with photos. All these wonderful memories we have, these beautiful shots of our children, these amazing moments. They all stay locked away in the cloud, on harddrives, in online galleries. And the tragedy of it is that most of them will never see the light of day again.

But as a family photographer, I’m here to put a stop to it! 

Because having framed family photos in your home builds your children’s self-esteem and confidence. It reminds them that you’re a family unit. The experience of having them taken brings you all closer together. And they are the most personal, beautiful, inherently emotive way you can decorate your home. So once you have these beautiful photos, please please please get them printed and framed!

So in case you’re still in the “I’ve been meaning to get that printed” phase, I’ve put together a list of all the reasons why you should print and frame your family photos. And maybe this’ll give you the little nudge you need!

Family walking hand-in-hand along the beach at sunset

Framed family photography makes for a happy home 

I’m going to start by throwing some science at you! Did you know, looking at family photos makes you happier? And I mean that in the very real, chemical, hormonal sense of the word. Family photos literally make you happier! Because when you look at photos of people you love, it makes your brain release your happy hormone, oxytocin.

So go ahead and fill your walls with framed family photos. And it’ll make your hallway a happiness gauntlet when you come downstairs in the morning. It’ll make sitting in your living room that much more cheerful. It’ll sprinkle a little joy on your cereal. I don’t want to labour the point, but you get the idea!

So they might not realise it. But having family photos framed on your walls will make your whole family just that little bit happier. Because every day they’ll see pictures of themselves happy, surrounded by the ones they love most. And it’ll trigger their brains to release all sorts of lovely calming, happy hormones.

Family lying down cuddling on a blanket  in the sand dunes nestled between the grasses

Family photos improve your mental health as parents

Being a parent is a blessing. But we’re all friends here, so let’s be honest. Some days are easier than others, aren’t they?! Some days you feel truly blessed to have such a loving, kind wonderful family. And some days…well, not so much.

Having framed family photos on your walls can really help get you through those difficult days. Photos of when the kids weren’t at each other’s throats. Moments captured when they were at their most sweet, most innocent, most happy. Times when you were completely happy as a family and brimming with love for each other. 

As a mum of three, I can remember so many times when I’ve been at my wits end and then glanced up at our family photos. And they’ve reminded me that the good times far outweigh the bad. That it’s just a sticky patch in an otherwise wonderful road. 

So get those photos framed and thank me later!

father and son holding hands on the beach with a sun flare bleeding through them

Framed family photos make your children more confident

According to much-sited research by David Krauss, a psychologist from Ohio, framing family photos boosts your children’s confidence and self-esteem. And this makes perfect sense when you think about it. 

Because they serve as daily reminders to your children that they’re part of a team. That they’re valued, loved, cherished and cared for. And seeing these photos every day will cement that foundation of love in their brain. So that every time they’re feeling down or lost or confused, they’ll picture that family photo. And remember that they’ll always be loved, and will always have a home. 

And this encourages them to take risks, to feel free to be themselves, and to chase their dreams. Because they know they’ll always have you. 

Family photos remind you of how far you’ve come together

Over the years, your family will change so much! Your children will grow from unfathomably small and fragile babies into walking, talking, mini-adults. But it all happens so gradually that you hardly realise it’s happening. Until you find an old photo and say, “wow, look how young we all were!”

Having your family photos framed reminds you of this journey you’re on together. They remind you of where you’ve been, where you are now and all the moments in between. And as a family, this adventure of life that you’re going through together is one of the most special bonds you share. So print it, frame it, and celebrate it.

family photographer hampshire

They become something to cherish

How many of your phone pictures do you really love? A few maybe? But they always just stay on your phone. And electronic photos hold no real sentimental value.

Printing your family photos gives them substance and meaning. It shows your children that of all the photos you take, the family photo was the one that made it onto the wall. This was the one that made the big leap from a string of 1s and 0s into being a physical thing in the real world. 

And they then become something the family all love collectively. They transition from just a snap of the family kept in an online gallery, to a family heirloom that you can touch and hold. Something you can give them as a housewarming gift for their first house. Or a photo they can have on their desk at uni. 

Printing them makes them real, and makes the memory truly special.

Family photography is art

As a family photographer, I’ll admit to being a little biassed on this one. But photography is art in its own right. 

My style of photography is natural, relaxed and timeless. And as such it makes for beautiful decoration in your home. I always work with you before we have our daily shoot to guide you through what to wear, to make sure that your photographs will look as great on your walls in decades to come as they will today. If you’re unsure of what to wear on your family photoshoot, I always recommend thinking about where you’ll be framing it in your house and matching the palette of the room.

But more importantly, family photography is art that’s personal to you. It’s not just a print of someone else’s drawing of a place you’ve never been. Not only is it beautiful art in its own right, it’s the most personal, meaningful decoration you can put on your walls. And it makes the house your home.

Family photos remind you of a shared experience

I always make sure that my family photography sessions are as much about the experience as they are about the photos themselves. And it’s a well-known fact that shared experiences strengthen bonds. Whether it’s a sunset session at the beach, a family photoshoot in a meadow, or a relaxed at-home session, it’ll be filled with memories and moments you’ll cherish together as a family. 

And that’s why you’ll love these photos on your walls. Because you and your children will see photos of yourselves happy, and laughing. And every time you look at them, all those happy memories of your time together as a family will come rushing back.

If you’d like to book yourselves in for one of my family photoshoots, I’d love to hear from you. I offer family photography in Hampshire and beyond. Please get in touch today and let’s chat.

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