Announcing my brand new in-home studio! A sanctuary of calm for you and your baby

I’m so excited to be announcing the opening of my gorgeous new newborn and maternity studio in Hampshire! 

I’ve always dreamed of being able to offer my parents a comfortable, warm, welcoming place for their sessions. A blissful sanctuary where you can get away from the noise and mess of your own home ( we all know how important for your own sanity to you let go when you have a newborn at home!) Somewhere you can come and relax, let the rest of the world fall away, and just be. So you can spend some quality time focusing on yourself and your bump, or bonding with your beautiful new baby. And of course, get some timeless, natural photos of you and your family in the process!

So after hours scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration (and what seems like days walking the aisles of B&Q!) my in-home studio is finally ready! And it’s my new favorite place in the world!

Filled with plants, natural tones, and textures, wonderfully uncluttered and bathed in natural light, it’s a haven of calm. As soon as you step inside, you take a deep breath and all your stress just melts away. Sounds like your kinda place? Come take a look…

Home away from home

The most important thing for me was that my new Maternity and Newborn Studio felt like a home away from home for you. Not just another cold, bright white space with loads of artificial lighting and giant white screens. But a warm, comfortable, relaxing space where you feel like you can be yourselves. Filled with earthy tones and soft textures, luxurious, welcoming and safe.

Because for a lot of parents, a newborn photoshoot will be the first time leaving home with their new baby. Not to mention your baby’s first time leaving the warmth and safety of the nest! And so I wanted to make that experience as easy and smooth as possible for you and your baby. A gentle, stress-free way for you to dip your toe in the water. And start your transition into the outside world.

And for expecting mothers, the months and weeks before the birth can be incredibly uncomfortable. So I wanted my studio to be a place you can come and be treated like a queen for at least a few hours. And get some gorgeous shots of you and your miraculous body as it grows a new life inside you.

baby laying on bed smiling at camera from above

A little oasis of calm

A newborn photo shoot is a wonderful treat to book for yourself. It’s good for the soul! Because after a few weeks of sleep deprivation, mess, noise, milky sick, and nappies, having this little oasis of calm to look forward to can really keep your spirits up.

You collect up a few of the essentials and escape the clutter and noise of the house. And disappear away for a few precious, blissful hours. Just time set aside solely to focus on your new baby, how they look, how they smell, how they feel in your arms.

That’s why I always make sure my sessions are completely stress-free. My new studio has a client wardrobe for you and your baby. So you don’t have to stress if you have nothing to wear that fits. And we have a Zoom call beforehand to go through any details, too. Just to make sure that when you arrive, you’re completely zen and ready to spend some quality time with your baby.

pregnant mama and her daughter balanced on her tummy standing in front of the window with sunlight streaming in

Forget the mess!

One thing you’ll love about coming to my studio for a maternity or newborn session is you don’t have to worry about the state of your house. 

You won’t be rushing around, desperately throwing nappies in cupboards and putting together the flat-pack cot. It’s not a problem if your house is a state, because my studio will be wonderfully tidy without any effort from you!

I’ve created a space perfect for photos. Bright, airy, peaceful, and beautifully photogenic. Designed so that we can get your family’s true essence, in a simple studio space where you can just relax and be yourselves. 

Looking for a family photographer in Hampshire?

Booking yourselves in for a maternity or newborn session is such a wonderful treat for the present. And an important investment for the future. Because I know it’s a cliche. But these months in your life really do go by so fast. And setting yourselves some time aside to take it all in is incredibly valuable. 

Because these are things you’ll never want to forget. The feel of your baby moving and growing inside you. The way your new child feels in your arms. The way they fit in the palms of your hands. Their gentle breathing as they sleep. The soft peach fuzz on their face, and the cupid bow lips. 

These all disappear in the blink of an eye, and photos that capture them will honestly mean the world to you in years to come. You’ll sit looking at them, saying “look how small they were”, or “look how big I was!” They won’t just be photographs, they’ll be snapshots of one of the most amazing chapters of your lives. 

If you live in Hampshire (or are willing to travel!) and you’d love to visit me in my new studio, I’d be delighted to hear from you. 

If you want more information on pricing and sessions available please have a look here

If you want to book your studio session please get in touch today to check availability and book yourself in as I can book out a few months in advance.


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    Hi I would love to book a family photo shoot with you if possible. We i be able to arrange a call with you to discuss in more detail?