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Real Life Family Films are the perfect way to capture those cherished moments that you live for with your family and preserve them before they become just a memory. 

Real Life Family Films are about the people you choose to call your family. The memories we create together will be so dear to you, full of joy and real emotion, that they will bring this day back to you in years to come. Imagine hearing the voices again in years to come. Watching the way her hair blows in the wind, catching their little chuckle and their wobbly walk. You can imagine any number of possibilities. 

Investing for your own Family Film

The investment in real life family film is something you’ll never regret. A beautifully shot real life family film will show off your family’s personality in a way that still photos cannot. And when done right, it will become a Time Capsule not only for you, but for future generations.

But Why Do I Need One?

You know when we fall into a rabbit hole on our phones, we all get that nostalgic feeling. I am sure you know it well. You spend hours looking through endless photos and videos from when your children were younger, wondering how they got so big? If you’re anything like me, you can get caught up in a constant cycle of wondering how they got so big? Why have the years passed so quickly? And why did we not soak up enough of them at that time? That’s where your real life family films come into play.

It is likely that any videos you have of your children contain only your other half or your children. Just as in photos, many mothers fail to appear in the lives of their children through digital photographs.

real life family films

Why Real Life Family Films over Family Photographs?

Several years ago, I developed an interest in filmmaking. This began as a way to capture the moments of my family. Subsequently just like photography my passion grew quickly. I just knew that I had to create these for other families because it ignited a fire in my belly.

As a mother myself, I am passionate about documenting other mothers. My parents are both still alive, which is very fortunate for me. Somewhere in the alcoves of their roof will be a box of Christmas and birthday films. Those memories have long been forgotten in my mind, as well as perhaps in the minds of my parents. Being able to watch the play those moments is something I know I’ll cherish.

Thanks to modern technology, we can carry a video recorder around with us at all times to capture life. What a wonderful invention. However, how many of you have the time to stitch these videos together? Let alone being able to include yourself in these events.

Do one thing for yourself in the next year that will positively affect your future self. Let me help you create the memories you need but never have the time to make. Our society has started to realise that it has become more meaningful to give our children time instead of presents, . Your presence will mean more to them than you will ever know.

Now imagine what your family film would look like. Interested to find out? Drop me a message via my contact form and we’ll start the road to your very on beautiful real life family film.

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