With Lisa & Carley

If you’re a photographer with an existing business who is hungry to learn from two of the UK’s leading family lifestyle photographers, we are here and ready open armed to give you a warm virtual hug and a targeted kick up the ass (should you need it!)  


Both Lisa and I are open book/ask us anything type of people. We are straight talkers, have trodden the boards, made mistakes along the way and can now comfortably say we run profitable and a sustainable family photography business that can even stand a pandemic!

It’s all about you! 

There are  no generic fixed programs for you to fit into, no standardised workbooks or lengthy assessments, this is just purely flexible and tailored mentoring and advice from the two of of the UK leading family photographers.  

How we work?

Both Lisa and I will work with you together through your key topics, help target your strengths and the areas you want to develop. We’re not a one size fits all and understand everyone needs help with different struggles in their photography businesses. 

It’s Flexible

We’ve both been exactly where you are right now and can help you navigate and flourish in the UK market. Why? Because we both are consistently and sustainably succeeding in it everyday ourselves.  

We can cover shooting, editing, business or marketing. There isn’t anything that’s off topic. This is warts and all advice, the good the bad and the ugly. 

Prior to our first mentoring session with you we’ll ask you to complete a deep dive questionnaire to get to the nitty gritty of what you need help with. We also offer an additional free website/portfolio/social media review which we will feed back to you at the start of your first mentoring session .   

Following your first session, we will be available on email or social media if you need help with any burning questions.


Photography business education topics we can cover ( but not limited to) are :

• How to consistently book your ideal client • How to cull your galleries • Workflow, software and suppliers • Social media • Editing • Packaging

• Our Gear • Collaborations and Bloggers • Pricing • Diversifying and defining success








We are not another ‘one size fits all’ course you will buy. Together we will help you gain confidence, clarity, and focus where you need help the most.



Carley Aplin, family photographer and mentor

Lisa & Carley Mentoring has come

from a place of approaching things

little differently.

However you choose to get in touch, Whether you use the contact form below, email me at or drop me a DM on instagram and let’s chat and make this happen.

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